School of New Beginnings
Freedom from addictions
Healing from the past
Broken relationships restored
Reconnected with God
Do not let the past define you...
               Your future is waiting... on You
School of New Beginnings, 4301 FM 773, Canton, TX 75103     *     *     (903) 752-3838
School of New Beginnings is a 6-month school designed for those who are struggling with addictions or wounds from a broken past.  The aim of this school is address the roots of addictions such as depression, anxiety, past traumas, broken relationships, rejection, abandonment, etc. as well as practical tools in overcoming addictions.  Students have the opportunity to restore their relationship with God where they can receive healing and restoration from the roots of their addictions.  Of all the students that have come through the program, 73% of them are maintaining their sobriety.  This success rate includes those that have quit the program before graduating.  There is currently a 100% success rate for those who have completed the full program.  Many of the students have changed so much while they were here that they decided to expand their new-found freedom to others by becoming full-time missionaries.

We’ve been running the School of New Beginnings for five years now and greatly enjoy working with the students.  In a typical day, the students wake up to morning devotionals and worship followed by morning class.  In the afternoon they have work time / vocational training where they can learn carpentry skills, gardening, etc.  In the evening, they attend Celebrate Recovery (a Christian-based form of AA or NA) or other activities such as going to workout or having small group.  The students also receive quality counseling each week.

The classes cover many topics such as Does God exist?, Is the Bible True?,  What is God like?, Developing friendship with God, Hearing God’s voice, Dealing with conflict, Dating relationships, Forgiving others and yourself, Healing from past traumas, Knowing the will of God for your life, and getting free from bondages such as abandonment, rejection, anxiety, anger, depression, and addictions.
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